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In the world of poker, as many of you more advanced player will know, there are a variety of different games to choose from. This article will explain the basics of two of the most popular games in the world of poker; Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi-Lo. I will cover all the important rules associated with each of the poker games and explain some of the strategies people have used to increase their chances of winning.

Omaha Poker

There are two types of Omaha poker, Omaha high-only, where the highest hand wins, and Omaha high-low split, which is where the highest and lowest hands in the game split the winnings between them. It is vitally important to understand the rules of each game, and make sure you know which you are playing. Winning poker is all about waiting for your opponents to make mistakes, so make sure you don’t make any first.

Omaha hi-lo is the more popular of the two versions of the games and I will focus on explaining it here. In order to win a player must combine two of the hole cards with three from the table. To qualify as the lower hand, a player must have a specific set of cards from eight downwards. Due to this rule there is not always a low hand in the game.

Omaha hi-lo includes three betting segments, during which the five table cards are dealt, after the initial four cards are dealt to each player. The game includes a big blind and small blind, the players attributed this status at the start of each game are required to make an immediate bet before the cards are dealt. Most players aim to win both ways, with the best hand being a five high straight. This hand would qualify for both the low and high win. Winning in this manner allows you to take the entire pot, which it substantially more than only winning half.

Texas Hold ‘em Poker

Undoubtedly the most popular poker game out there, Texas Hold’em Poker is ideal for beginners as the rules are far simpler than those of games such as Omaha hi-lo. The game can be played on every online poker site and in many casinos around the world.

To begin, two players are required to cover the initial cost of the large and small blinds. This is followed by each player being given two hole cards and another round of bets to bring the rest of the players in line with the big blind. The dealer then places three cards face up on the table. These cards can be used by all the players in the game to complete winning combinations.

This is then followed by a second round of betting. The dealer then lays down a fourth card, face up, onto the table. This pattern is repeated one final time, followed by a final round of betting before players are required to lay down their cards to find out who holds the winning hand.

With so many rounds of betting, Texas Hold’em gives players many opportunities to try to bluff their fellow players. The more you play and the better understanding of the winning combinations and the psychology of betting you have, the higher the chance to you can best your fellow players.

Now that you understand the rules of each of the games, why not sign into one of the many online poker rooms and start playing. Alternatively, you could always purchase a poker set and start playing at home with your friends.



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