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Sorry to be a doom monger, but we seem to be rapidly losing all of Exmouth's shops! What with Clinton Cards going, uncertainty over Peacocks, PSST Music about to go, Rennoldson's Deli looking closed, Elegantly Waisted, Butterfly Cakes and Paradise Dreams gone, you do wonder if the town is just going to become a centre for charity shops and pawnbrokers. Surely some new businesses are going to open up soon?


By Grapenut at 16:07 on 23/02/12

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    a sign of the times or what? it is not unreasonable to expect that a turn over of the shops takes place as the depression deepens. We all have to do our bit and shop local where we can leave the supermarkets out of the loop for a while they are getting far too much of the cake to the demise of some of the smaller and sometimes more quirky local business ventures. I'm sure it will get better eventually as long as all of us band together to use local shops that are sustainable and will be keeping local jobs..

    By exmouthron at 13:07 on 27/02/12

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    to be honest if i were a business i wouldn't come/stay in exmouth either. the toen planners seem hell bent on preventing anyone who drives from using the town as they keep talking more and more parking spaces away and not providing a carpark to replace them. how can a time prosper when no one can use it?

    By sungirl1111 at 11:34 on 28/02/12

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    Good to see that Peacocks is staying open. It's dreadful when any business pulls out of Exmouth, so at least that's one that's currently staying put.

    Sungirl1111 has brought up the difficulties of parking in Exmouth, and why the town is unlikely to prosper when no one use it.

    Parking in Exmouth is a subject which we have explored before in these forums.

    Plainly there is currently insufficient parking space in Exmouth. You've only got to look at the London Inn car park on a Saturday to realize the extent of the problem.

    Has anyone got any new solutions to the problem that we could debate? Let's hear from you...

    By PGStrange at 10:16 on 29/02/12

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    \is there a genuine lack of parking space or is it more that the people are too lasy to walk from one of the existing car parks into the shopping areas/ the latter I believe is true no one wants to walk anywhere nowadays and this is what causes most of the illegal parking and discontent around the Town. anyhow why not use the bus and save the planet?

    By exmouthron at 15:11 on 06/03/12

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    On the subject of parking don't you find it strange that to go and visit a ill or dying relative in hospital you have to pay to park yet you can happily trundle up to Tesco and do your shopping for free !!!!!!!
    My Plan.

    Make people pay to park at out of town retail parks and the money raised should be put in a town centre trust fund and it could be spent on regenerating the town centre and possibly cheaper parking.

    By 1VOICE at 13:49 on 08/03/12

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    don't be sill EDDC will only sell off all of the carparks, playing field and any other properties they have to their friendly developers , so where would your cash go? Straight into a deep pot or a bottomless pit that is EDDC finances?

    By exmouthron at 15:52 on 09/03/12

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    Back to the original question though, please tell me of any local
    Shop that actually offers anything of general use and not overly inflated. I keep hearing about supporting local shops but all we have is charity, sea and beach products, fancy dress and pound shops. Exmouth has nothing, absolutely nothing and if it were not for the big businesses we would have even less. It's not all the councils fault as they probably don't care where the money comes from, some of the blame should go to the owners setting up and selling the tat.

    By Gra30 at 19:37 on 09/03/12

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    So what will replace Simon Thorn's lovely music shop then - correct, a Tanning Salon.
    Just what Exmouth needs in the town centre.
    Mind you, at least it won't be empty.

    By krop46 at 17:30 on 31/05/12


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