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By Rockwell1 | Friday, January 21, 2011, 14:39

Are you up to scratch on what care your pet needs to keep him happy and healthy, and what services there are for pets in Exmouth? Exmouth has a good choice of vets, food and equipment suppliers and other services.

18 months ago I bought a cat, Aggie. She's 50% British Blue, 50% Tabby. So she’s a lovely silver tabby really, described as a “lilac spot”. We instantly fell in love with her and had her at 8 weeks old. Not konwing much about cats, I was surprised to know that beyond their kitten jabs, they need annual boosters, 4-6 weekly flea treatments and a 3 monthly worming treatment! Locally, I would recommend Pets at Home vets in Exeter, near the big Tesco, or, if you want somewhere handier and closer to home, try Raddenstile Vets Surgery , Corner House Surgery or Howard House.

Sarah, receptionist at Raddenstile Vets Surgery says: “We offer a 24-hour service, with out-of-hours shared with Corner House. We also have a loyalty scheme, our Healthy Pet Club, which involves spreading the cost of routine care over the year, paying by direct debit, and getting big discounts. We just care for small animals and have four full time vets and one part-time vet.”

My cat spent her first 8 months as a house cat, because we knew we had a house move on the horizon. Then we had the dilemma of whether or not to keep her as a cosseted lap cat, safe from the main road we live on, or let her outside and risk her getting injured or becoming a mouser. As she got a little older, destroyed most of our leather furniture and became agitated, we decided to let her out. She seems to avoid the road but yes, she’s a fantastic mouser with a taste for shrews and voles, too. Poor thing. Only one bird though. I think they’re too quick for her – thank goodness. She’s now a much happier cat, with a gleaming coat and she looks fit and healthy. She’s much more affectionate and has stopped pouncing on our feet.

When we go away on holiday, we usually leave the neighbours to feed her but we feel guilty about her being on her own as she enjoys company. Cats Motel on Bapton Lane might be our answer next summer. Roger Davis has been welcoming cats to stay for nearly 22 years and has had visits from 2 hours to 7 years. He says: “Cats are very happy and relaxed about the experience. It’s humans who have issues with catteries. The cats just shrug their shoulders and get on with it, happy to have company, warmth and two meals a day. I charge £7 per day and insist on guests having proof of being vaccinated. Sometimes people send their cats to me because they have to go in to care; others need somewhere to leave their cat while the landlord comes for his annual inspection!” Roger’s own cat, a ragdoll called Louis, just puts his feet up and lets the tourists get on with it.

Something you might have a problem with if you have a house cat is claws. We couldn’t clip our cat’s spiky little talons and always had to get a vet to do it but I recommend Grooming Marvellous. They’ve been in business for 13 years and take dogs and cats – long-haired and short-haired. £27 for a visit and usually up to three hours. Most seem to enjoy it and if they’re not overly tolerant, they won’t be forced in to anything stressful. Posh Paws is another alternative.

For pet food, I often shop at Pet Food Supplies if I'm in town, Trophy Pet Foods or East Devon Pet Supplies if I'm in the car.

I would just advise shopping around as there is so much choice. Exmouth people are obviously very pet-friendly!



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    I didn't know Exmouth had a cat motel. I've always been wary of leaving our cat in a cattery. Also, I would recommend the pet supply shop on Albion Road. One thing, has anyone got any tips on pet security? I have seen an alarming number of 'Missing Cat' posters around at the moment and heard about that woman who was killing cats by putting anti-freeze in biscuits outside her door. It's always a worry with an outdoor cat and any tips on keeping them safe would be welcome!

    By CoastalMummy at 16:58 on 23/01/11

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