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    Can someone from East Devon Council please explain the rationale for accepting the Premier Inn proposal that will positively benefit Exmouth community and ensure jobs for local people?

    Of immediate concern based on the limited information published to date is the following:

    1. Siting a three/four storey, sixty room hotel and facilities on a small plot close to the Esplanade intimates this will be a visually intrusive and prominent building not in keeping with the character that so nicely differentiates Exmouth Esplanade from many other commercialised south coast resorts.

    2. What real considerations have the council taken into account regarding a large hotel, café and restaurant on existing businesses in the town?

    3. Parking arrangements for guests occupying sixty rooms and associated staff? If street parking, then imagine the impact on the limited parking along the Esplanade during the busy season, else if on-site underground car parking, traffic flow in/out of a limited frontage?

    4. What real value is the attraction of additional jobs for Exmouth unless there is some positive move to employ long-term local people rather than is often the case in the hotel trade of taking on other nationalities that are prepared to work for lower rates of pay and or longer hours.

    5. What does this proposal bring by way of a replacement community hall to enable arts/crafts/general functions to be held in a cost effective and practical manner after the building is demolished?

    6. The precedence that this sets in respect of long-term council expansion plans to commercialise Exmouth Esplanade?

    Exmouth Resident

    By SRC_Exmouth at 18:59 on 05/10/12

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