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    I have to agree with you, dimondbabe. I too was disappointed by the absence of Christmas lights in the town last year. I appreciate that local businesses are having a difficult time in the current economic climate, but unless they do something to help themselves, Exmothians will take their business elsewhere. The gloomy aspect of the town centre last year spoke to me of a town with no pride or confidence in itself, and no hope for the future. By contrast, I was in Germany last December, where even the tiniest villages boast pretty lights, and businesses compete to produce the most attractive window displays. Closer to home, the Christmas Evenings in Totnes see the town thronged with shoppers every Tuesday evening in December. Perhaps we might learn from these and create our own economic miracle here in Exmouth?

    By TrubblnStrife at 11:27 on 02/10/12

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    WELL DONE everyone who helped raise money for the xmas lights! i couldnt believe it last year when we had no lights! the town centre was so depressing so no wonder everyone goes to exeter to do their shopping. we want a bit of XMAS SPIRIT in exmouth and to support our shops and cafe's and not exeters so COME ON exmouth and support the xmas lights fund so we can have a BRIGHT XMAS this year!!!

    By dimondbabe at 11:14 on 02/10/12

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