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    Good to see that you've mentioned the Exmouth Ceramic Group tiles on the seafront. These were one of my favourite things of 2011. And a happy New Year to all visitors to the site from myself and his Lordship.

    By AuntDahlia at 21:31 on 31/12/11

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    It's been particularly good to see a number of new businesses and shops starting up this year, breathing new life into the town. Let's hope that this continues in 2012.

    By ExeCellent at 21:14 on 31/12/11

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    Undoubtedly a tremendous year for Exmouth. Here's to 2012 and all the best to Bay FM, Exmouth's local community station, who hopefully will get their full-time licence very shortly.

    By Localradioman at 21:11 on 31/12/11

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    I thought the Tour of Britain cycle race coming to Exmouth was quite brilliant, and definitely a big highlight of 2011. That and the extension of the Estuary Cycle Path up to Topsham. Both things have really helped to put Exmouth on the cycling map.

    By TheGreenMan at 18:05 on 31/12/11

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    It's been an amazing year, with some very good music around the town's venues. One of the highlights were Souled, playing to at least 2,000 people in the Manor Gardens during the Festival. It was a tremendous show, with a great atmosphere. Looking foward to seeing them later tonight at the Grapevine as Exmouth does New Year's Eve in style.

    By Keyboardman at 17:10 on 31/12/11


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