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    We are seeing pictures of the building viewed from the front but none with the view of the back odf the building, I wonder why? Could it be that the building is so ugly viewed from there? Remember that this building backs on to a preservation area and as such, I understand from a planning officer working in another part opf the country, should be built sympathetically with the preservation area. Also this is the first view of the seafront presented to anyone approaching by way of Carlton Hill as tthey visit the beginning of the Jurassic Coast - how appropriate! A BBC property programme recently highlighted the fact that the terms of a covenant in place on a property must be obeyed - does this rule then not apply to the EDDC? Before they obtained the seafront covenants, the area now the bowling alley building, had a covenant on it which said that any building on this site must not be more than two storeys! Is there a rule for some but another for ordinary folk? Also, how long is to be before the whole of the building is 'up and running'?

    By Kathleenella at 18:02 on 04/04/13

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    Would you rather it looked like a bowling alley because in my experience they are metal boxes with doors on. I think the building could have looked better but it definitely could have looked worse.

    By DerpyPotato at 17:28 on 14/03/13

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    Looks like a health centre waiting room or an airport departure lounge. Clinical & soulless.


    By bkeve45 at 09:29 on 09/02/13

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