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    Well lets be honest the Blue Lagoon swimming pool wasn't the best, but really from being knocked down in around 20-21 years ago turning it to wast land we of Exmouth (I,e the council really know how to wast money, time and land I'm in Asia atm plan to be back in around 1 year and if nothing is either finished weather it be a bowling ally or a Mosque I'm going to have a great giggle gl.

    By zulu246 at 12:59 on 29/05/12

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    Knowing the folk in Exmouth I'm sure most will say its a white elephant etc. and totally out of keeping with the crumbling ruins around town (Magnolia Centre etc.) However, the bowling alley is starting to look quite nice all things considered. Somewhat unfortunate that the people who were going to run the restaurant and cafe no longer are - the owner told them they could only have the cafe apparently, which is a shame, because I believe they do very good food.

    Anyway well done for using such lovely wood and stone - it gives the building a much more natural look in keeping with the beach etc.

    Now if only he could fit in the ice rink that was originally intended - then it really would be a worthwhile project!

    By andybuchan at 13:29 on 22/02/12

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    Is there an opening date for the new bowl please?

    By JohnNorfolk at 13:28 on 22/02/12

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