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    Delighted to take some pictures at such a tremendous event krop46. We have numerous rock bands and a strong folk tradition in Exmouth, so It's particularly satisfying to see that jazz is gradually becoming more established in the town as well. Not only that, but The Maerkats take risks. It doesn't always work, but when it does the results are most rewarding. It was a great night, and, as you say, keep music live!

    By Keyboardman at 08:00 on 09/08/11

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    Thanks Keyboardman for a great set of photo's.

    As the founding Maerkat and birthday bassist, I would like to thank everyone who came along to the Old Barrel and made it such a special night, both for me in celebration of being 65 (but feeling 45) and thanks from the musicians - your support lifted everyone.

    To all 17 musicians and vocalists thankyou so much and what an amazing performance. We had little rehearsal before the gig, but then that's what you get , working with highly talented people.

    To all of the audience, thankyou for making my 65th musical celebration so memorable, please come along to the Barrel for the first thursday of every month & support the Maerkats.


    By krop46 at 09:49 on 06/08/11

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