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How much you can save with Smart Solar solar panels

Why go solar?

People choose solar panels for a number of reasons.

Some wish to reduce their carbon footprint. Some wish to make money from of the government-backed feed in tariff. But few realise just how much money solar panels can save.

How solar panels save you money

Solar panels convert light into energy, which you can then use in your own home or can even sell back to the grid. As you produce your own energy, you don’t need to pay for as much electricity from your supplier – and therefore slash your energy bills.

How much will you save?

Here’s the best bit. A south-facing, roof-mounted 1.38kWp system from Smart Solar should equate to a saving of around £400-£550 per year, depending on your electricity tariff. That’s a lot of extra cash, cash you’re currently wasting year after year.

How long before solar panels pay for themselves?

We’d expect an average Smart Solar solar panel system to pay for itself after roughly 7-12 years. After that point, you’ll continue saving money each year.

What would you spend that on?

What would you do with an extra £500 a year? Extra cash towards a new car? Or a holiday? Or home improvements? That’s what you can expect once your Smart Solar system has paid for itself. And you can make even more money from the government-backed feed in tariff.

Why Smart Solar South West?

Smart Solar panels all come with a five year guarantee as standard. What’s more, we can install a whole system in as little as three days, causing minimal inconvenience. Our experts explain how to make best use of the government-feed in tariff, which pays you a fixed income for each unit of energy you produce. And we specialise in South West installations, installing solar panels for optimal South West performance.

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